Karlovy Vary 12.01.2020

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Karlovy Vary is the second most popular Czech city after Prague. The resort is known for its healing springs, as well as for the fact that every year the famous film festival takes place here, where stars from all over the world come together.

MSM winter holidays students went to Karlovy Vary on 12th January, 2020. The guide first told the students the history of the city. Not many people know, but before the city bore a completely different name — Carlsbad. Its construction began at the beginning of the 14th century as directed by Charles IV. There is a legend that the king cut his leg near a spring that was beating from under the ground. After he washed the wound with healing water, it healed very quickly, and the king considered it a Divine Gift. In place of this spring, the Czech king built Karlovy Vary.

Many tourists know about this city thanks to the world famous Becherovka drink, wafers “oplatky” and the international film festival. But when people come to get acquainted with the city, they fall in love with its calm hilly streets, interesting architecture and picturesque area. Here everyone can relax and just enjoy the moment, discarding all negative thoughts. To enjoy a relaxing holiday to the resort came such outstanding cultural and art figures as Goethe, Paganini, Liszt, Wagner, Freud, Turgenev, Schiller, Beethoven, Chopin, Gogol and many others.

After the tour, students tasted the water from the healing thermal springs. Their peculiarity is that they have the same chemical composition, but in different parts of the city they have different temperatures (from 30 to 75 ° C).

The photographer took photos of this trip, so you can see with your own eyes all the embellishments of this trip. We also have an Instagram where we publish all relevant events.

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