Karlovy Vary: 09.06.2019

What can be seen in Karlovy Vary?

On June 9, students of the summer programs of the International Union of Youth took a trip to the famous Karlovy Vary – not only a city of healing mineral springs and a variety of health complexes, but also a place where film festivals are held every summer, from which visitors come from all over the world. The festival features hundreds of films, the best of which receive the Golden Globe award.

In a short time, having reached Karlovy Vary from Prague, accompanied by a guide, the students began their walk from the bus station, from which is only fifteen minutes walk to the main sights – as you can see, traveling around Europe is very convenient and fast.

People usually do not go to Karlovy Vary to spend time actively – they visit the city in order to improve their health and enjoy the atmosphere of relaxation. Famous personalities who wanted to restore health and gain new energy for creativity and professional activity came here also, among them: the famous psychologist Zigmund Freud, the composer Frederic Chopin and even Emperor Peter I!

Unlike Prague, you usually don’t come across companies that are noisy celebrating, but the couples in love love to be photographed and relax here. Sometimes the famous Garden Colonnade is blocked for wedding ceremonies – it looks very beautiful and majestic from the outside.

The city was build by Charles XIV, but the it became more famous only after a news about healing power of local sources became speading – there are more then 100 sources here. The guide showed students the most famous of them and told how does water from one or another source affects health, among the therapeutic properties of which are treatments for digestive problems, as well as disorders of the nervous system.

In the city you can also find museums of glass and porcelain, visit restaurants with local cuisine, as well as to buy souvenirs and sweets in the store selling the “oplatky” – thin round waffles with a wide variety of tastes.

Students enjoyed the trip, as well as the atmosphere of confidence and tranquility in Karlovy Vary – everyone felt almost like at home.

For MSM students, we specially prepared a detailed photo report “Karlovy Vary”, which you can find at the link below. Also subscribe to us on Instagram, if you want to follow our further news about the life of students.

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