Job opportunities for students and graduates in the Czech Republic

Czech higher educational institutions have successfully learnt how to embrace new innovations and technologies. The universities mostly focus on improving classrooms, hiring qualified professors and building the curriculum in order to prepare their students for the real world. To be more precise, classrooms are equipped with the latest technology necessary for the students’ training. Speaking of professors, they are very proficient in the subjects or skills they teach. And curriculum includes all the knowledge and training necessary to produce students who are highly competitive and ready to be part of the workforce. All these factors give the students an opportunity to experience real-life work settings while being enrolled. Therefore, students are well-equipped with knowledge and ready to take on the challenges of the world.

Today studying abroad is quite affordable for many students. As we mentioned in our previous articles, you don’t have to be “rich’’ in order to study overseas. The Czech Republic is one of the most popular destinations for getting higher education abroad, because there are a lot of possibilities to study for free in any state university. Therefore, the Czech Republic has become home not only for EU citizens, but also for people from other countries. And it is not a surprise because after the graduation students can easily find a well-paid job according to their qualifications. For instance, best paying jobs in the Czech Republic are: IT managers (from 55000 CZK to 60000 CZK), lawyers (47000 CZK), economists (40000 CZK). The graduates can successfully become a part of any establishment. Moreover, there are many offices of well-known foreign companies in the Czech Republic. Also, we must mention that it is a big opportunity to get a higher position in any company if a potential employee is fluent in both English and Czech.

In the Czech Republic many students work and study at the same time. There are working options for foreign students as well. Many international companies operating in big cities are interested in hiring students who speak more than one or two languages. Usually after the second year of the university course students start looking for a job. Most of them are employed by the biggest Czech companies after the graduation. The average salary of these students is up to 700 EUR. Many universities host job fairs, attended by representatives of big western European companies, such as Škoda Auto, Honeywell, ČEZ, Procter & Gamble, MBtech Bohemia, HP, Ericson, ABB, DHL, etc. During those fairs recruiters often enjoy the chance to meet and network with potential employees in the field. Therefore, 95% of graduates have no troubles to find a job in the Czech Republic and other countries as well because Czech diplomas are recognized worldwide. Studying in the Czech Republic is a huge step to make, but it puts you in a truly advantaged place compared to the majority of your competitors in the job market. Students have opportunities to take part in variety of exchange programs, work for well-known Czech companies, get different types of scholarships, etc.

You can become a student of the best Universities in the Czech Republic right now. The International Union of Youth in cooperation with well-known Czech and other European establishments elaborate different educational programs which help students improve their language skills as well as enter universities. We are sure that after the graduation you will find a job and build your career, because a chance to study abroad may turn out to be a once in a life time opportunity. Our specialists will answer all your questions and select the best studying programs for you. 

Studying abroad may be one of the most beneficial life experiences for any student. After the graduation some students decide to return home with a new perspective on culture, language skills, a great education, and a willingness to learn more. Others prefer to stay and find an interesting and well-paid job. Needless to say both of these types are very attractive to future employers. It is essential that studying abroad improves most people’s career prospects in a huge variety of ways. Moving out from your comfort zone is always challenging. Yet, it offers you a lot of new opportunities because the further away you move from the education system of your own country, the more exciting opportunities will come your way.

Employers look for people who have studied abroad because they know that they have something to offer that others don’t. If you decided to study abroad it means that you didn’t focus only on completing your higher education and getting your bachelor degree, but you felt the drive to try new things and the confidence to go out and experience them. Studying abroad is exciting, because it offers any student the opportunity to meet new people, many of whom will go on to be young professionals working in a huge variety of different positions in foreign countries.

Also, getting to know another country and perfecting foreign languages is a huge advantage because cultural knowledge is something that sometimes can be underestimated by many students, but is nevertheless immensely important to businesses. Many companies are looking for people who have knowledge of both eastern and western culture and languages in our multinational society. Moreover, it is a great chance to add something to your CV that not many others can match.

Nowadays the Czech Republic is an increasingly popular destination for international study, with a lot of foreign students currently enrolled at its universities. There are certainly many perks for those choosing to study in the Czech Republic, for instance, well-esteemed universities, affordable tuition fees, living costs, and colorful cultural life. It is the duty of the educational institutions in the Czech Republic to teach and train their students so that they may maximize their potentials fully. Employers recognize the role of colleges and universities in preparing students for the real world. Universities help students to succeed in today’s global economy and to be prepared for the interviews with potential employers, by improving their communication skills, critical thinking, application of knowledge and skills in real-world settings, complex problem solving and analysis. According to statistics, employers agree that higher educational institutions in the Czech Republic provide a learning environment and skills relevant to the workplace.