IT specialties in the Czech Republic

How to enter a university in the Czech Republic? This question is asked by high school graduates, who considerate the educational process not only as the important part of their life, but also as a good opportunity to expand their horizons. A student who wants to get a higher education in the Czech Republic, like every person striving for a comfortable future, looks at the offers of the universities with the expectation of how much this or that degree will be in demand. In recent years, the clear leader in the job market for young professionals has undoubtedly been the IT sector. High salaries, the possibility of rapid career growth, and just an extremely interesting business, the dream of every graduate.

The best universities in the Czech Republic provide an opportunity to study in highly-demanded and promising IT specialties for ambitious young people with an analytical mindset and an eternal thirst for learning new things. Graduates will be gladly hired not only by the largest companies in the Czech Republic, but also by the international companies from abroad.

Free education in the Czech Republic in the field of IT can be obtained in a number of educational institutions. Let’s dwell on the most obvious ones:

  • Czech Technical University

The educational system is very unique. First, students study the general program, and then they can choose one of six areas. That is a good method to understand what the soul is most inclined to. In addition to the information security, web development and theoretical computer science, students can study electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, transport processes and other areas at various faculties, among which Information Technology is an integral part.

  • Czech University of Life Sciences

The Department of Information Technology and Information Engineering offers the most practice-oriented programs, taking into account the latest achievements in this area. Graduates, according to the latest statistics, successfully find employment in both the private and public sector.

  • Charles University

Graduates of this university, according to research, are most satisfied with the way life has changed after the defense of the diploma. The Faculty of Physics and Mathematics includes many areas – from programming and software security to bioinformatics.

  • Masaryk University

Located in Brno – a small town in the south-west of the Czech Republic, South Moravian region. The Faculty of Informatics of this university offers very interesting areas – bioinformatics, chemical informatics, applied mathematics, geographic cartography, computer systems and data processing and much more.

Despite the fact that the list of programs in the Czech language is wider, education in the Czech Republic in the field of IT is also possible in English and is offered by some educational institutions.

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