Introduction to the Czech Universities: VŠE

The building of the VSE

The University of Economics in Prague (Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze) is considered to be the number one economic institution of higher education in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. This title was awarded to the University of Economics in Prague in 2008 at the international convention Eduniversal.

Economic education in Europe is in a high demand among the foreign students in the Czech Republic. Currently, professional and skilled specialists in the economic field occupy significant positions in the private and public sectors. A diploma in economics is very versatile and allows graduates to work in the different fields, such as entrepreneurship, marketing, audit, tourism, information technologies and much more.

The University of Economics in Prague starts its history in the 18th century when Charles University has been providing economic education in Europe on its base. The University of Economics in Prague has become independent in 1953, and till this day it is remaining one of the largest and most prestigious state universities in the Czech Republic. Most of the members of the Czech government graduated from the The University of Economics in Prague! Even Milos Zeman, current president of the Czech Republic, once was a student of this university.

It is challenging and competitive to enter the university but the VSE diploma will provide you with a bright future and successful career.

Currently, about 15,000 students are studying at the University of Economics in Prague. More than 10% foreigners are among them.

Currently, the University of Economics in Prague includes 6 faculties:

  • Faculty of Finance and Accounting
  • Faculty of International Relations
  • Faculty of Business Administration
  • Faculty of Informatics and Statistics
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Management


VSE has 3 educational buildings and 8 comfortable dormitories that provide students with the good living conditions and ability to comfortably study in Prague. Also, a student can get a scholarship for excellent studies.

Being a member of many international organizations, the University of Economics in Prague cooperates with more than 100 universities around the world in the places such as New York, Cambridge, Paris, Boston, etc.

The VSE is the only one economic university in the Czech Republic that is a part of the international union of business schools CEMS (Community of European Management Schools).The diploma of The University of Economics in Prague is accredited and well respected in all countries of the European Union.

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