Introducing party: 05.08.2019

Introducing party

Introducing students to MSM!

On August 5, for newly arrived students of summer programs of MSM the first Welcome Party was conducted. MSM activities are created not only to entertain but also to promote active communication between students and the acquisition of new friends.

At the party, in addition to the dance program, the curators held a selfie contest. Each student was given only a few minutes to get acquainted with literally everyone who was at the party, and to persuade him to take a selfie with himself. The one who will collect the biggest number of selfies wins – of course, the winner get the special MSM prize!

Tip: MSM also holds competitions during the program – for example, a contest for the best video on Instagram and on YouTube. The results are summed up three days before the end of your study program. To find out more about the conditions of participation in the competition, ask your curator, also follow our posts on Instagram, where MSM publishes news about students’ lives regularly.

A lot of fun and educational activities are waiting for the guys: boat trip along the Vltava River, visit to the Podol outdoor pool, excursion to the Prague universities, Sports Day and much more!

The International Union of Youth was founded not only to educate students, but also to give them new emotions and perceptions, because staying in Europe and talking in a foreign language with native speakers is a very valuable experience. Someone is coming to Prague for the summer to just have a good time, but some students are already looking at the future universities where they plan to enter. MSM organizes a detailed introduction of students to the leading universities in Prague – the CULS, CTU and VSE. And while living in hostels, along with the rest of the students, children can get acquainted with the living conditions that offer universities, as well as communicate with students who already have success have arrived.

We wish you a good time in Prague, because there are many interesting things ahead: new friends and acquaintances, many places in Prague and Europe, where you have never been and where you will go with the MSM curators.

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