Every year such a direction as “International Relations” arouses more and more interest among graduates, not surprisingly. Considering the current realities, this area constantly changes and requires new resources and young specialists that understand society’s modern world and urgent problems. Unfortunately, not all potential applicants can figure out where to get an education on this subject in the Czech Republic. In this article, we will help you to look into the matter.

In the Czech Republic, you may study diplomacy both in public and private universities. However, it is generally believed that state universities can provide students with high-quality education rather than private ones. Moreover, you study at a public university in Czech completely free. Private universities do not offer such an opportunity, and you have to pay for tuition.

First of all, we suggest considering state universities:

Charles University in Prague

In this university, this field is presented at the Faculty of Social Sciences in the form of a Bachelor’s program in Political Science and International Relations with the possibility of continuing to hone knowledge and skills in Master’s in International Relations. Also, at the university, you can find several specialities related to the desired field.

Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE)

This university has a separate International Relations faculty, presenting several educational programs directly or indirectly related to this area. For example, starting from International sciences and diplomacy or International trade to management activities in the international market or regional and global tourism development. All programs provide the opportunity to obtain a master’s degree.

Prague University of Economics and Business is an economic university; each program contains economically-oriented subjects which are an integral part of international relations.

University of West Bohemia (ZCU)

You can study for a diplomat at the Faculty of Philosophy in International Relations and Territorial Sciences programs. The program covers all essential aspects of this area while allowing specializing in specific regions. Bachelor’s graduates can also continue to delve deeper into international sciences in their Master’s.

Palacky University Olomouc  (UPOL)

The Faculty of Philosophy provides the program as part of a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Security. Students can combine and complement Political Science, European Studies and Diplomacy or Political Communication and Political Marketing. To expand knowledge and perspectives, graduates add a master’s degree to the portfolio.

Masaryk University

There is an excellent opportunity to study International Relations as an independent speciality at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Students can expand opportunities by combining the program with many related areas. After the Bachelor’s degree, the Master’s, which the faculty also offer, will allow you to realize your knowledge in higher positions.

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