How much money do you need to live in Czech republic?

Czech Republic is the country with the lowest prices in Europe and a high standard of living. This is why foreigners from all over the world have been coming here for decades. Some begin their acquaintance with Czech Republic as students, and some move here for work, but one way or another, all are well acquainted with the order of the total costs that await you after your arrival.


Before moving to Czech Republic, you need to decide where you want to live, in a dormitory with multiple roommates or in a separate flat.

Rent in Prague is much higher than in provincial cities. Also the price depends on the area of the capital. For example: a studio flat in a residential district of the capital on average costs €350-400 per month; in the centre – around €600; you can add housing and communal services costs to these prices. Student dormitory in Prague will cost about €170-200.


Food prices in Czech Republic are quite attractive. Of course, the line of expenses will primarily depend on your preferences, but in general a grocery basket for a month for a family of two can be around €200.

If you want to have lunch in a restaurant, a hearty lunch in Prague or Karlovy Vary will cost you €7-10, and all establishments provide lunch menus for a day at lower prices. Long-term or full-time foreigners in Czech Republic can find more affordable establishments, away from the tourist routes, where a good lunch will cost you around €4.

Most students take advantage of their status and eat in the universities’ dining halls, which are much cheaper. For € 3-6, depending on the selected dishes, a set lunch awaits you.


Public transport in Prague is trams and buses, underground – metro. One trip, regardless of the number of transfers, lasting 30 minutes costs just over €1, a pass for a month – €22. Students in Prague take the “litacka” – a pass for all types of city transport in the form of a card, top-up for a month costs only €5.

A popular way to travel between cities in Czech Republic is by train, but the bus can also be used, but it will be more expensive.


It’s almost impossible to resist clothes shopping. All brands from all over the world are represented, although most Czechs are absolutely uninterested in luxury brands and dress quite simply. Most locals prefer to shop during the discount season, when clothes prices are much lower.

Other expenses.

A budget gym membership costs around €23. Many companies provide employees with a MultiSport card, which gives them an even cheaper monthly membership fee with the added bonus of access to different fitness clubs without the need for a particular location.

Mobile Internet comes bundled with a mobile data connection, with a monthly fee starting at just €12 for students and an average tariff of around €23 for others. For a landline Internet connection, you will have to pay separately.

A trip to the cinema costs €5.55-11 per person and a museum costs €1 to €13.

To summarise, before moving abroad, make sure you know exactly what you should expect in advance so that you can feel as comfortable as possible in your new home country and have access to all the things you were used to at home.

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