Hotel Management in Europe: Your Way to Career Development

girl on the balcony in Switzerland

European education is a smart choice for students that are willing to invest their time and effort into the future career development. Since tourism has become a significant part of the economic development of European countries, students with the education in this field can easily find employment opportunities in the marketplace. Currently, the tourism industry has a positive perspective of the future growth and constantly looking for new employees. MSM’s Double Degree Program for studying Hotel Management in Europe can become a convenient and affordable way to get two bachelor degrees and prepare future professionals that will be constantly in a high demand. As a part of the program, a student will study in the Czech Republic and transfer to Switzerland to obtain higher professional and practical knowledge. This program could be divided into three easy stages that, as a result, will become a great start of the student’s professional career.

Education in the Czech Republic: First Step of the Way

A student will start his way in one of the most touristic and international places in Europe – Prague. Why would him or her want to study in the Czech Republic? Participant of the program will be able to gain “Business Administration” bachelor diploma in the Czech University of Life Science in Prague, one of the leading institutions in this field. A participant will experience a multinational environment of the country, customs, and traditions. Additionally, finances, management and business insights will become a suitable base for a future career in various international hotels or entrepreneurship. During this stage, introduction into the industry and development of basic knowledge will take place.

Second Step: Deeper Insights

To explore Hotel Management in Europe, a student will get an opportunity to continue his study in Switzerland. It is not a secret that if you want to become a number one, you need to work with the professionals. Bachelor degree in one of the universities of Swiss Education Group is a guarantee of high educational and professional standards. The program is developed to give a basic insight within one year that will be equivalent to the three years bachelor degree. This strategy enables participant of the program, to save money and more importantly save time. Opportunity to continue study in Switzerland will result in two bachelor diplomas in 3 or 3.5 years instead of 6 or 6.5 years.

Last but not Least: Practice Abroad

Finally, to get ready to work in Hotel Management in Europe, theoretical stages need to be supported by the practice. As part of the double degree program student will be able to participate in the paid internship opportunity and work in leading hotels in the world, such as Hilton, Marriott, Ritz. This step of the educational process is significant because it enables to meet future employees in the industry, find new connections and obtain significant experience. As a consequence, this final step will combine two bachelor degrees in the Business Administration and Hotel Management and will become a successful start of the professional career.

At the end of this three-step process graduated participant of the program will have double bachelor degree, internship, that will be a part of the resume, advanced level of English language, international friends and connections in the tourism, experience of life in the Czech Republic and Switzerland, integration into the European culture and customs. This set of obtained skills, combined with the natural inclinations can be considered as a solid ground and perfect start in the hotel management of leading companies or creation of the personal business.