For Agents

Dear agents,

Our aim is to build trustful relations with international agencies and education organizations around the world to bring more diversity to our union of youth. Our company is dedicated to serving customers’ needs. We believe that partnering with these educational institutions abroad will help us to deliver high-quality results to our clients, and help our partners achieve their missions and provide measurable, effective, and accountable developmental impact.

By fostering relationships with agents around the world and focusing on the student’s needs and preferences, we can best serve our clients’ unique requests about the programs they wish to attend and degrees they want to receive.

What we can offer to our partners and clients in Czech Republic:

  • beneficial prices in the heart of Europe
  • rich educational and entertainment programs
  • safe environment and beautiful scenery of a 1000 year-old city

The International Union of Youth has been operating in the Czech Republic since 2007. During these years, we have developed a variety of educational, cultural and entertaining programs for our students, and created close partnerships with the mutual universities in Prague.

Consequently, we would be also glad to establish cooperation with educational organizations on the terms of exchange programs, and offer their students “Semester Abroad” or “Full-Academic Year Abroad” programs, which would take place in the heart of Europe – Prague. The International Union of Youth organizes sport camps and simple entertaining summer programs, which could attract student’s attention as well.

The International Union of Youth believes that cooperation with our prospective business partners will encourage ongoing improvements to the society through the creation, preservation and dissemination of knowledge.

If you wish to become a partner with The International Union of Youth, please contact us on


With best regards,
The International Union of Youth Team