Football in the CR: 07.08.2019


On August 7, a seminar on the topic “MSM Football Academy in Prague” was held at the branch of the International Union of Youth. Summer is in full swing and the MSM office in Kiev is actively hosting guests at the seminar to tell future football stars and their parents what career opportunities await them in Prague. After all, what could be more wonderful to combine your favorite pastime with the opportunity to join the Western culture and get an education recognized all over the world?

The seminar described in detail what the football program is like, specifically about intensive football training, with the possibility of combining it with the educational preparatory programs of MSM for admission to a European university. With the courses of the International Union of Youth, students learned that it is not necessary to put everything at stake – to combine a football career and study abroad is quite realistic.

Education specialist Olesya introduced our guests to this opportunity by talking about summer and annual programs, during which students not only have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the language environment, but also train for admission to recognized universities in the Czech Republic. In just a year, students can learn the Czech language from scratch to B2 level, sufficient to pass the entrance exams on a par with the Czechs, as well as to study at the chosen university.

In addition to annual programs, it is possible for MSM to enroll in a summer course or any other holiday course chosen by a student – it is a chance to get to know the Czech Republic properly and decide for yourself whether this country is right for you, whether you want to learn a language or not. During the programs, an active excursion program is available to students not only in the cities of the Czech Republic, but also in other countries.

The topic of career opportunities in the field of sports, namely, football, was discussed in detail at the seminar. Our participants were pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to win the Grant for the Annual Program at the summer program, as well as the opportunity to get discounts!

The MSM team thanks you for the opportunity to share this information and for your questions that we have answered with pleasure. We hope that the seminar “MSM Football Academy” was useful to you. We are waiting for listeners on our programs!

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