Final Party: 14.07.2019

final patry msm

Congratulations to all students with the end of the summer course!

On June 14, for our dear students of the two-weeks Summer Educational Program a farewell party was held. It seems to be that these weeks flew too fast – just recently we welcomed new students in the “Welcome party” – we communicated a lot, danced the whole evening and took part at various entertaining contests, and now, unfortunately, it was time to say goodbye to all new friends, fairy Prague and its beauties.

Despite the fact that together we have spent just a small part of this  summer, we didn’t waste it – we saw and studied a lot of fun and educational facts during the course! In addition to foreign language classes, we traveled to Vienna, Dresden and Karlovy Vary, sailed on the Vltava Cruise, and don’t forget visiting the most famous universities in Prague – maybe someone even choose where to study already? In any case, we – the MSM team – tried very hard to do everything so that our students will like Prague. We are  showing them also other European cities not only from the point of view of a tourist, but also from the point of view of locals. Czech cuisine and language, unforgettable excursions and do not forget about the main goal of their arrival – gaining knowledges that will be useful to students in the future!

At the MSM farewell party, a solemn presentation of certificates in a hard blue cover, which can be proudly shown to friends and parents, was held, and most important, students can apply the knowledge gained in the program in the near future. We did not forget about the best students of the course – in addition to the certificate, we presented small but pleasant gifts for them.

The MSM team will miss our students! We hope to see them in future on our annual programs. We sincerely hope that the experience and knowledge gained in the summer will help students to  achieve their goals! Below you can see the full photo report – do not forget to save the photos you liked the most. Do not forget that you can find a part of the photo in our Instagram profile, where we regularly publish the latest news about student life.

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