Famous Carlsbad: 04.08.2019

famous carlsbad

Visiting famous sources in Carlsbad

On August 4, students of the International Youth Union summer programs visited Carlsbad, which is famous not only by its wellness facilities, but also as a cultural center in the Czech Republic. During the walk with the guide, students viewed not only the architectural assets of the city, but also became acquainted with its history.

Carlsbad appeared in the 14th century, when Charles IV find out the healing power of the local water. Since then, the city has become increasingly popular even outside the Czech Republic. In the 18th century the city developed extraordinarily fast and in addition to the glory of the “healing “, Carlsbad was firmly associated with of resort for the aristocracy – Emperor Peter the First came here twice, even Turgenev and Gogol were treated in Carlsbad.

There are twelve water springs in the city, one of which is divided into two. Student visited all sources, strolled along five famous colonials, each of them has it’s own unique architectural style.

For example, Mlynska colonnade, in the 19th-century builе by Joseph Zitek in renaissance-style, creates the impression of a resort place thanks to palm trees planted around the perimeter of the structure. In the evening, the backlight is on and classical music is heard here.

The most famous Trzni Colonnade, the work of the architects Helmer and Felner, was built to be replaced with a stone one later, but it was decided to leave it in its original form due to the strength of the structure and the beauty of design – the decoration resembles a magnicifent lace.

The famous Carlsbad delicacy -“oplatky Kolonada”, which is sold in a special shop and in kiosks, was also the point of interest for the students. “Oplatky” are often brought as a souvenir – unusual round wafers stuffed with cherry, chocolate, coffee and others tastes.

Interesting fact! Such waffles are baked with water from sources and sold only in the Czech Republic – nowhere else in the world can they be bought.

We hope that the excursion to the famous Carlsbad was informative for our students. Below, we invite you to view the photo report and to subscribe to our Instagram, where news of the International Youth Union are regularly published.

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