Educational Seminar: 27.08.2019

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How to get higher education abroad?

On June 27, an educational seminar was held in Moscow on the topic “Opportunities for obtaining education in the Czech Republic.” A special guest of the seminar was a certified Bohemian philologist, specialist in the Czech language and culture of the Czech Republic – Maria. Maria herself studied at Charles University in Prague and took an internship in the Czech Republic. During the seminar, students learned more about the organization of MSM, why it is worth studying in the Czech Republic, as well as how highly valued European education is in the world. All the guests of the seminar attended the trial Czech language lesson conducted by Maria.

Maria spoke about the differences between Czech and Russian languages, why you should not be afraid of the Czech language and what are the main difficulties for native speakers of Russian who study Czech and shared their personal experience, how she managed became a student at a Czech university without knowledge of Czech language, during her first trip to Prague. She spoke about her impressions about the language barrier and about the Czech mentality. Further, MSM team revealed a step-by-step action plan for foreign citizens who want to study in the Czech Republic for free. They also discussed the scheme of admission to the Czech Republic, as well as the possibility of studying in English at most famous universities. MSM speakers also invited listeners to participate in other programs.

Special programs have been developed for admission to the humanitarian, technical, economic, medical and creative specialties. The manager told about the dates of the start of training, the number of academic hours and teachers of long-term MSM programs. The speaker also highlighted the main advantages of MSM over other training courses for admission to universities in the Czech Republic. Requirements for admission were shown. In more detail, the manager spoke about the 24/7 service of coordinators support, the prices of programs and accommodation in dormitories.

MSM has been engaged in cultural and educational activities for more than 11 years – more than 3,000 students from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, as well as other countries, are sent to training programs each year. Students study at language in the Czech capital in Prague.

We hope that the seminar “Educational opportunities in the Czech Republic” was useful for our visitors!

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