Double Degree

Save time and money by completing 2 university degrees in 3 years with the new double degree program from leading universities. Two awards from two European countries will enhance your CV, giving you international appeal and multicultural experience in the chosen area of studies.

Foundation Programs

This preparation course is designed for international students who would like to improve their Czech and English language skills for academic studies in public or private universities in the Czech Republic or other countries. Courses are taught by the best professors from CULS (Czech University of Life Sciences) and CTU (Czech Technical University).

Summer in Prague

MSM provides an exclusive summer experience for your children, combining an active holiday with a comprehensive educational program, including foreign language courses, MSM Football Academy and a rich cultural program.

Language Courses

Visit Prague during mid-term holidays and benefit from English language courses with the MSM Academy and British Council. Improve your skills and spend an exciting vacation in the heart of Europe. 

Sports Academy

This program helps young people to improve their sports skills, introduces them to real professionals and gives them an invaluable international experience. Perfect combination of sports and language studies.

MBA & Internships

The advantages of the MBA program cannot be overestimated. It is a unique chance to gain deeper professional knowledge, which will help you have more opportunities when looking for a job, boost your career and increase your income.

Our internship in Prague program offers vast possibilities for young specialists helping them gain new contacts, experience and qualifications with many world-renowned organizations. It also gives you a unique opportunity to explore the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic.