Education in the CR: 14.08.2019


On August 14, the International Union of Youth held a seminar in Moscow on the subject of “Higher Education in the Czech Republic”. The first part of the seminar was devoted to general questions about studying in the Czech Republic, and specifically about the process of obtaining a student visa and the timing of registration. Topics were also raised about the most popular specialties among Czech and foreign applicants. The most known universities in the Czech Republic, whose diplomas are recognized worldwide, were listed.

Also was mentioned that in order to study at a university on a budgetary basis, it is necessary to obtain certifications that confirm the student’s knowledge of Czech language at a sufficient level to attend lectures and seminars on par with native speakers, make university projects, and also pass standard and final exams in the future.

Preparatory courses of the International Union of Youth prepare students to enter the university they are planning to study in – the curriculum includes not only language, but also additional field classes, so that the student master the necessary professional terms and knowledge. On the seminar were discussed in detail not only the annual and semester programs, but also other short holiday programs in Prague for those who want to diversify their pastime in Europe and not only study language, but also travel around the Czech Republic and other countries.

The second part of the seminar was the presentation of exclusive Double Diploma programs. After completing these programs, a student can receive two diplomas of international standard from leading universities in the world, spending only three years on training. He spends the first two years in the Czech capital, Prague, and the last year, depends of what he chooses – in the USA, Canada or Switzerland.

All the features of the program were explained in detail, and also the advantages of studying in Europe that a foreign student receives were listed. Students learned about career prospects for future graduates not only in their home country, but also abroad.

Particular attention was paid to the analysis of specific cases of those students who have already completed training under the programs of the International Union of Youth. At the end of the seminar, the speakers answered all the questions raised by the students.

Speakers talked about the features of the program, the benefits, career prospects of graduates of these programs, as well as entry requirements. At the end of the seminar, they devoted time to the analysis of cases from students and individual consultations. We would especially like to thank all the listeners, who counted more than 50 people, for joining us on this day.

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