Dresden: 08.06.2019

trip to dresden

Students visited one of the cities of world history

On June 8, students of the summer education programs of the International Union of Youth took an informative trip to Dresden in Germany. It took less then two hours to get there by the comfortable air-conditioned bus! This fact proves once again the feasibility of receiving education in the Czech Republic. Where else can you get to the most famous places in Europe so quickly, if not from Prague?

Now we were in Germany – a completely different world, among German culture and historical sights. Vltava, which MSM saw earlier, is the left tributary of the Elbe River, on which Germany is situated, so the two countries, the Czech Republic and Germany, are connected not only historically, but also geographically. Although the relationship of Germany and the Czech Republic were not always calm, especially after the events of the Second World War, today the countries are good neighbours, and Germany welcomes tourists from Prague.

The guide told a lot of interesting facts about Dresden. It is known that Germany is one of the leaders in automobile production, and if it is known that BMW is produced in Berlin, then Dresden is famous for the fact that Volkswagen is made here.

Interesting fact: The Dresden Elbe Valley, like the Prague Castle, is also protected by UNESCO.

The city surprised the guys with its beauty when they just arrived to Dresden, which is also called “Florence on the Elbe” due to the diversity of Baroque-style architecture and the large number of collected works of art in the famous galleries located in Zwinger.

Zwinger is a palace complex built on the initiative of Augustus the Strong as a place for storing royal treasures: objects of art, precious dishes and valuable books. It is known that during World War II, the bigger part of Dresden, as well as of the Zwinger, was destroyed and practically rebuilt from the ruins. Only the “Procession of Princes” panel, laid out of porcelain tiles on one of the walls of the prince’s residence, remained almost intact.

The trip was intense and exciting: the students walked along the main streets of the city, tasted the local cuisine and finished the trip in a good mood.

Detailed photo report “Dresden” you can see down below. Also do not forget that we always post news about student life on Instagram.

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