Day Trip to Dresden: 05.10.2019

Day trip to Dresden

The October 5, 2019, students of the One-Year Foundation Course of the International Union of Youth will remember for a long time! On this autumn Saturday afternoon, students, together with their cheerful and caring coordinators and a professional guide, went on an unforgettable journey. This time, they were waiting for a day trip to Dresden, to the beautiful city of Germany.

Dresden is the capital of Saxony, a city located on the banks of the Elbe River, into which the Prague Vltava flows. In German literature, the city is even called Florence on the Elbe, for its picturesqueness, a large number of Baroque buildings and the world-famous collection of paintings. It is here that the famous Zwinger Palace complex is located, made in the late Baroque and Neo-Renaissance style. Inside the palace there are such famous museums as the Physics and Mathematics Salon, the Porcelain Collection, the sculptural collection and, of course, the famous Dresden Art Gallery. In their free time, after a fascinating tour of all the main attractions of the city, MSM students could independently visit this outstanding masterpiece of architecture and world heritage.

The enterntainment program also included a visit to the famous Church of the Virgin Mary (Frauenkirche). During World War II, almost the entire city, including this famous church, was destroyed because of the bombing, and the restoration of the cathedral began only after the reunification of Germany in 1993. Already in 2005, the church opened its doors again, and students could admire its wonderful decoration.

A day trip to Dresden is a great opportunity to see another Europe, without much time and money, because the city is only 146 km from Prague. So, on a comfortable bus, students made their first trip abroad. How it was? Do not forget to check photos in our Instagram, and also click on the button below to view a detailed photo report.

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