David Cerny and his sculptures in Prague

Almost every large city has its own particular atmosphere, which has been created tens, and
sometimes hundreds of years ago thanks to the works of architects, artists, sculptors. Distinctive
features of that or another work, which are unique to every creator, bring some very special touch of
originality into the life of the city. Names such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, later Frederico
Bartholdi, Frank Lloyd Wright are known to the general public. These people have made a huge
contribution to art in its various forms. However, contemporary artists are not lagging behind.
Currently, there are many talented people who contribute to the development and appearance of
the city.

David Cerny is a Czech sculptor whose name evokes a whole range of emotions for true connoisseurs
of contemporary art. This, without a doubt, a talented man presents more and more new works to
society and every new work can compete with the previous one in terms of courage and eccentricity.
His stunning sculptures have long been national landmarks along with beautiful Czech castles and
bridges. Anyone who believes that the Czech Republic is a calm place, in which everything seems to
be saturated with ancient history, simply did not see the work of David Cerny! They perfectly fit into
the look of modern Prague in an amazing way and make an indelible impression on those who have
seen them for the first time.

Cerny created his first sculpture as a student. By the way, he received his education at the University
of Applied Arts – the most famous Czech educational institution with graduates – architects,
designers, artists and animators. We can say that the origin of the art of performance in the Czech
Republic began precisely from that moment. Now you can look at the work of this eccentric creative
personality not only on the streets of Prague, some of the compositions are exhibited in Poland and
the United States, including contemporary art galleries.

Well, the pink tank, which made David Cerny instantly famous and respected by the public, can be
viewed in the military-technical museum in the suburbs of Prague.

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