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czech university of life sciences

Getting a higher education is an important step for every person, therefore, you need to approach it with all responsibility. Indeed, the future career, and hence the standard of living, depends on the chosen study program and the quality of knowledge gained over the years of study. The International Union of Youth offers admission to higher educational institutions of European countries. One of such prestigious and modern universities is the Czech University of Life Sciences.

Its diploma is considered prestigious in the EU countries, and graduates easily find high-paying jobs there. After all, Česká zemědělská univerzita is a leading university in its profile and one of the largest in the Czech Republic. When it comes to Prague, the CULS is second only to two state universities in terms of the number of students. About 27 thousand students from the Czech Republic and other countries of the world study here.

In 2016, the university celebrated its anniversary: 110 years since its foundation. During this impressive period, the university has taught thousands of highly qualified specialists in various fields. Most of them, after receiving the first stage of education, continued their studies within its walls or found a good job in their specialty. Keeping the old traditions, the CULS team does not stop introducing new technologies into the educational process.

The Czech University of Life Sciences: Faculty of Economics

The Czech University of Life Sciences is a university with the largest faculty of economics in the Czech Republic. Its graduates take up prestigious positions in large companies. They take jobs as CFOs or develop their own businesses. CULS not only supports its students in everything but also offers them a unique opportunity for internships abroad at other European universities. The university management is actively establishing partnerships with them.

The CULS campus deserves special attention. Applicants can plunge into the atmosphere of the student body in Great Britain or the United States because residential buildings are built on the principle of an American campus. Students here can not only live in the comfortable conditions of cozy rooms but also visit a cafe, play sports, and be creative. For many young people, the years of life here are remembered as the brightest and happiest.

Even after completing a professorship, local teachers continue to improve their skills. For them, science is an important part of life, so the university staff treats with special love students who are interested in creating something new. The level of teaching here fully meets high European standards.

We work closely with CULS, and the university offers our students several special educational programs. You can choose a 12 or 6-month course in English or Czech, depending on your knowledge and needs. Professors teach classes in small groups, which is very convenient because each student can ask questions.

On the basis of the CULS, you can also take the Double Degree program, which will allow you to study in the Czech Republic and any European country of your choice. This will give you two completed higher education documents, even if the profiles are completely different.

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