Czech Language Levels: How to Identify and Where to Apply

board woth A and B letters

The Czech Republic has become an origin of the internationality and home for the vast amount of students all over the world. Why is it raising the popularity so rapidly among the foreigners? It is a safe, economically stable country that is located in the heart of Europe. Moreover, it offers students a unique opportunity to gain a high-quality degree and to study in the Czech Republic free of charge. The only thing you need to do is to define the Czech language level, which is necessary for you.

More and more people started to join Czech Language courses. There is a particular Czech language level required to get permanent residence or to study in the Czech Republic. 

According to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) there are 6 main levels of language proficiency.  In our article we will describe you each of them.


Czech Language Levels:

A1 (1500 words)

On this level you can understand basic sentences and keywords. Also, identify a topic of the conversation and read short expressions. This level is required for a basic communication. If you can briefly introduce yourself, ask for directions on the street or read some advertisements – your level is A1 .

A2 (1500-2000 words)

If your Czech language level is on an A2 you can already be involved in the basic conversations. You know how to say more about yourself and to find out more about the person you are talking to. You can read and understand a short text in the Czech language.

B1 (2500-3200 words)

On this level you can already express the opinion in the past, present and future tenses. You can comprehend verbal conversation and write long paragraphs. If you already can watch movies and programs and communicate about various topics – your level is B2.

B2 (3200-3700 words)

Czech language courses for foreigners are intended to you B2 level, which is already a full understanding of the language. Also, you can discuss topics connected to the particular professional field and use specific terminology. If you can easily discuss abstract topics and are able to explain, support and defend your opinion, you are a B2 language user.

C1 (3700-4500 words)

On this level you are already close to the perfect language comprehension. You can support any spontaneous dialogue and write complicated essays. Also you are able to understand non-adapted movies that content slang.


This level of language comprehensiveness is equal to the native speakers. You can attain fully command of Czech Language after the long period of the residence in the country or after the degree in the specialized educational institution as a translator.

What level do you need?

There are Czech courses for foreigners that can help you to reach any desirable language level. But what level do you actually need? If you want to apply for a long-term residence in the Czech Republic, you should obtain at least A1 language level. If you would like to study in the Czech Republic your Czech language level should be at least on a B2. Currently, to enter a medical faculty, students are required to have a C1 level.

If you would like to build your future career and life in the Czech Republic you should not be afraid of these language requirements. MSM created convenient educational programs that enable students to reach a desirable language level within one year and enter leading universities in the Czech Republic. Let’s learn the Czech language together and explore all the beauty of the Prague with the MSM.