CTU English Course: 24.5.2019

CTU congratulates students on the completion of annual language courses

On May 24, in the Czech Technical University the ceremony of presenting CTU English Course certificates was held. The students of the International Union of Youth successfully passed the language exams: students have put maximum efforts and improved their knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and perception of information in a foreign language. An important part of the program was also to create the personal project, after completing which students had to give a well-prepared speech – this practice is created to help students overcome the language barrier and teach them to speak to a wide audience in a foreign language, which is just useful both for the university and while career developing.

Boring lessons is not about MSM, our priority is to establish the direct friendly contact with the student and immediately immerse him in an atmosphere where you can practice a foreign language. That is why, in addition to the training days, we have added a rich entertainment program in the cities of Europe, as well as many recreational activities. Educational classes were held with native speakers, experienced teachers, whose goal was to make the student not only to learn the material, but to make him to use knowledge in real life with real people.

The International Union of Youth is very proud of it’s students. The presentation of certificates is not just a ceremony, but also an indication that our students have overcame a long way towards their goal, because knowledge of the language is one of the conditions for future success. Regardless of whether you are looking for a job on the European labor market or not, in any case you will have to deal with foreign English-speaking partners – the language certificate will noticeably raise you in the rating of applicants for the desired position after graduation from the university.

Our teachers and coordinators tried to give our students the best – we are sure that every bit of this new knowledge will be useful for them in further studies at the university and in building a career in the future. The team of the International Union of Youth has prepared for you a detailed photo report “CTU English Course”. Stay in touch with us by subscribing to our Instagram.

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