Computer Science & IT Degrees in the Czech Republic

Girl in a computer class

A lot of young professionals are currently choosing to study and work in the IT industry. One of the reasons, is that in the 21st century computer technologies entered our daily life and has become a significant part of every industry. As a consequence, there is a great opportunity to find a job in the IT field in any international company. It does not matter what company is specified in, with the IT degree student can easily blend into any industry. This versatility is substantially increased demand for the qualified specialists. Also, there is a high availability of the job positions and  young graduates without working experience are usually able to find a well-paid job with the pleasant working conditions and a social package. A significant amount of students that would like to build their future career within the European Union are choosing to obtain Computer Science & IT Degrees in the Czech Republic. High economic development, availability of the vast amount of the international companies, progressive development in the Technical field and ability to choose among the leading Technical universities are some of the reasons students are choosing to get their Bachelors in Computer Science in Prague.

 Where to get Bachelors in Computer Science in Prague?

 One of the main questions students are trying to resolve after they decided to gain Computer Science & IT Degrees in the Czech Republic is what university to choose.   There are plenty of educational institutions that give students ability to gain Bachelors in Computer Science in Prague. Czech Technical University is considered to be one of the most prestigious technical universities in the Czech Republic and Europe. According to their official webpage, CTU is currently hosting more than 23 000 students, from which substantial part (1/12) is foreigners from all over the globe. This university with the 300 years history is offering 8 Technical faculties and more than 32 programs taught in English. If the student would like to enter the Czech Technical University and to study in Prague he can start Foundation program on the base of this university. MSM created a program in Czech and English languages that is intended to prepare students to enter IT and Computer Science Majors and study in Prague or another Czech Republic cities. Additionally to language preparation, program includes Mathematics classes, that will help applicants to successfully pass entrance exams.

Students also can join IT and Computer Science programs in other leading universities, such as Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, informatics and statistics faculty in the University of Economics, faculty of the IT Management in the University of New York in Prague and others.

Where to find IT Jobs in the Czech Republic?

While studying, students are usually able to combine education with part-time job or internship position. These activities are highly beneficial and enable student to become responsible, integrate into the chosen company corporate culture and gain valuable practical experience before the graduation.  After student will obtain Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees next step will be a search for the IT Jobs in the Czech Republic. Since Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate in the EU countries, there is a high probability that student will be able to find a suitable position within a couple of month after the graduation. Finding a well-paid position in IT is almost guaranteed after the graduation from Czech Technical University since they are claiming to have almost 100% employment rate of their students.

There are a wide variety of opportunities waiting for a young and motivated school graduates, well-educated Bachelors and experienced Masters. Computer Science & IT Degrees in the Czech Republic is a perfect step towards your successful future! Do not be afraid to think out of the box and start your education and career in the European Union!