City of Dresden: 02.11.2019

німецьке місто Дрезден

On the 2nd of November students of the International Union of Youth autumn holiday courses visited the cultural capital of Saxony – the cozy German city of Dresden. The journey from Prague took only two hours, during which time the students managed to get to know each other and gain strength for a fascinating walk around the city, which perfectly preserved the historic center with its magnificent castles, beautiful cathedrals and picturesque streets.

Interesting fact! Local citizens informally call the city “Jewel Box”. This name was given to Dresden due to the large number of buildings in the Baroque and Rococo style. Therefore, a visit to this truly amazing and mysterious city is included in the mandatory entertainment program of the International Union of Youth. You can feel the atmosphere of the city from first minutes – German language, the smell of spicy pastries and magnificent architecture completely caught the attention.

The favorite attraction of Dresden among our students was the courtyard and park complex, built in the 18-19th century – Zwinger. And this is not surprising, it is the most visited sight, in the territory of which there are museums and a picturesque landscape park. Students also liked the Dresden State Opera, the Germans themselves consider it the most beautiful in Europe. The building itself is made in the Baroque style.

Below you can find a detailed photo report from the “German city of Dresden” day, where our photographer captured the most memorable moments. Remember that we also have Instagram, where we publishe news from student life events.

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