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Charles University, which has a history of several hundred years, is a collection of faculties, headed by the very first – a majestic building in the very heart of Prague, which proudly bears the title of the most important and oldest educational institution in the Czech Republic. However, despite the well-established traditions, its educational system does not stand still. This is a modern university with all the important components, to work and study in which is a real honor and an indicator of a high level. The desire to get an education in the Czech Republic for English speakers begins precisely thanks to this university. And this is not surprising. The unique educational program is designed in such a way that the study material seems easy and accessible.

What does Charles University offer to the applicant?

Faculties for every preference. You can get knowledge here in any field, including some fairly rare ones. Physics and mathematics, law, pedagogy, humanitarian, medical, social, theological faculties include a huge number of departments, thereby providing a really wide choice.

Those wishing to get a medical education in the Czech Republic most often choose Charles University. 6 programs to choose from – General Medicine, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmaceuticals, Biomedicine – produce highly qualified professionals who find work very quickly.

By the way, free higher education in the Czech Republic in this educational institution is available, but only in the Czech language. Acquiring knowledge in English is also possible at some faculties.

The cost of studying in the Czech Republic, including at its most famous university, is quite affordable, especially in comparison with other universities and is about 4000 euros per year. Considering the prospects of a university diploma, such a tuition fee is fully justified, and this is acknowledged by thousands of young people who seat the entrance exams every year in the hope of joining the ranks of the lucky ones.

Those who entered Charles University have access to comfortable dormitories, state scholarships, the latest methods and teaching aids, the most modern equipment for improving practical skills and a lot of interesting events in the student life!

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