Cesky Krumlov: 23.06.2019

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Discovering the different Czech Republic!

Probably everyone associate the Czech Republic with Prague – sometimes noisy, sometimes pompous. Celebrations are held here and people from all over the world come here for new discoveries and impressions. But what if we say that there is another Czech Republic? Small and cozy, the same historical, but slightly different from Prague? We were convinced of this the 23th of June, when the students of the MSM summer program had an excursion to Cesky Krumlov, the city under the UNESCO protection and the second largest castle complex in the Czech Republic after Prague Castle, –  Krumlov Castle.

It is a pleasure to explore South Bohemia outside of Prague, and even to observe its nature from the window of transport, and you can get to everything relatively quickly. Just a couple of hours from Prague and you get into a reserved corner in which dozens of buildings-monuments are located, thanks to which the city is recognized as the most beautiful small European city. Here are the old baroque theater, the Cloak Bridge, the Revolving Auditorium, the St. Vitus Church and the Town Hall. Cesky Krumlov has an interesting location  like Prague itis located on the Vltava River.

Krumlov Castle is another reason why such a small town hosts so many tourists – there are forty buildings in it, in which several architectural styles coexist – baroque, gothic and renaissance.

Is it possible to stay indifferent after seeing this? Probably not, because Cesky-Krumlov is a new breath of fresh air, in the literal sense of the word – besides attractions, the city has a very clean ecology and there is an opportunity to enjoy untouched nature. The MSM team was glad to accompany their students to this city and help them to feel the beauty of old Europe and its nature. In the Czech Republic there are also a lot of “green” places that we also recommend to visit, such as the Šumava reserve and the Blanc Forest. Below you can find a photo report that explains our delight and will surely make you want to visit for the first time or return to this a beautiful city.

Best regards and we are waiting for you on our next trip!

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