Cesky Krumlov: 18.08.2019

cesky krumlov

The mysterious legends of Cesky Krumlov

On August 18, students of the summer educational programs of the International Union of Youth went on a fascinating tour to explore the city of Cesky Krumlov and the castles located there – Hluboká nad Vltavou and Krumlov Castle. The journey from Prague took only about two hours – at first the guys walked along the cozy streets of Cesky Krumlov and payed attention to how popular this place was in August among Czechs.

Interesting: It is known that the Vltava River goes around the town – so tourists and Czechs like to kayak here when the weather is good. The calm flow of the river allows rafting even families with children – take a note if you plan an active holiday in the Czech Republic.

The tour lasted an hour and a half, after which MSM students had free time that could be spent to discover more of the local streets or to buy souvenirs. They could find such kiosks at every step in Cesky Krumlov. By the way, their prices are more budget than, for example, in Prague.

It was especially interesting to listen to stories and legends about Krumlov Castle – the second largest in the Czech Republic (in the first place – Prague Castle). It is mentioned in ancient legends, the details of which the guide shared with the guys. For example, the story of the ghost of the White Lady – Percht, who was once married for a person she didnt love, Jan Lichtenstein, a nobleman from Moravia, who subsequently infringed upon the girl very much, humiliating her dignity so that she did not even have a coin to give it to poor beggar.

Before his death, the husband asked for forgiveness, but not receiving it, cursed his wife, depriving her of peace for ages. Perkhta spent her last days on her brother’s estate – now her ghost walks around all the castles of the Rozemberks, predicting either good or bad events, and sometimes, as legends say, telling travelers where the treasures are located.

In Cesky Krumlov, students went around many panoramic platforms – wide and very small, with a view of the whole city. Below you can find a detailed photo report from the trip “Cesky Krumlov and castles”. Do not forget to subscribe to our account on Instagram, where news about the life of MSM students is published.

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