Your possible future and pay rate in the Czech Republic

Year after year, the number of foreigners willing to work in the Czech Republic has been increasing. Statistically, as of early 2020, one in five employees in the Czech Republic came from another region. That is an indication of the broad multinational culture and life in the country.


Every year such a direction as “International Relations” arouses more and more interest among graduates, not surprisingly. Considering the current realities, this area constantly changes and requires new resources and young specialists that understand society’s modern world and urgent problems. Unfortuna

House signs – symbols of old Prague

Beautiful and amazing Prague is in some way a completely unique city. Historical events have made it rich spiritually and culturally, with its own characteristics and distinctive features. House signs are one of the most interesting things about old Prague.

St. Vitus Cathedral

It is absolutely impossible to remain indifferent to the sights of the Czech Republic! The most picturesque landscapes created by [...]