Castle Museum: 07.08.2019

castle museum

The main attraction of the Czech Republic

On August 7, students of summer educational programs visited the Prague Castle Museum to understand why all tourists admire Prague so much. The castle complex is effortless to find – you can just take public transport, because the Prague Castle itself and its museums are located not far from the center of Prague. Mostly tourists get here on foot from the metro station “Malostranskaya” on tram number 22, which reaches on its route the most popular places to visit in Prague.

Students visited the Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral – one of the most beautiful buildings on the territory of the Prague Castle, where relics and treasures of the nobility that used to sit on the throne during different period of time, as well as the Old Royal Palace, where you can admire the Vladislav Hall, are the main subject of interest to all who visits this place. The exposition of the Prague Castle Museum includes not only imitations of what the castle complex was like in different centuries, but also real artifacts discovered during excavations.

Of particular point of interest represents the Prague Castle art gallery, which bears an extraordinary artistic value, as well as the Powder Tower, where people go to see weapons, because it houses an exposition from the military-historical institute. Unlike the gallery, the historical exhibition of the City was opened for visitors relatively recently. It is known that sometimes royal relics are exhibited in Prague Castle – but this happens only once in five years and the exhibition itself is open only for five days. Due to the special value that they represent, most of the time the relics are kept in the chamber, the entrance to which is located inside St. Vitus Cathedral. Only a circle of dignitaries, such as the president of the Czech Republic and the Mayor of Prague, have the keys to the chamber.

The Prague Castle has a special influence on tourists visiting it – this is the feeling of real medieval Europe and the opportunity to imagine what the routine of people living at the royal court really looked like.

MSM are happy to organize not only educational, but also entertaining events for students, helping to broaden their horizons, as well as diversify their summer with new experiences.

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