Carlsbad: 07.07.2019

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Prague is not enough? MSM students visited Karlovy Vary and loved it!

On July 7, students of Summer Programs of the International Union of Youth had an amazing trip to Carsbad (or Karlovy Vary) – a Czech resort town a two hour’s drive from Prague if you go by bus. This city is well known by its healing mineral springs – just don’t forget to take your favourite cup or bawl with you and feel free to fill it with water from any spring you’ll see on the streets of Karlovy Vary.

When the first sanatorium was opened in Carlsbad, Czechs and foreigners started to arrive here to improve their health with the help of famous mineral water. Even the Peter the Great himself visited the city in the 18th century.

It might be interesting: This town is also famous by it’s annual international film festivals. For your information –  the last one “54th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival” was conducted just before the day the students arrived (July 6)! It is a pity that they did not get to the famous festival, that has ended just a day ago, however, we advise you to make time and go there in the following years by a small company for a few days to be able to enjoy all the new cinema separately from the general cultural program.

Although the city is small, but it seems to be cozy if you adore Czech architecture and style. Coordinators showed our students to the most famous springs. Together with the guide, students explored the city center, walked along the Teply River, passed the romantic Garden Colonnade, where couples inlove loves to take pictures.

Attention! During the tour, coordinators urged students not to put water from sources into plastic bottles because of the specific composition of the water, which may not be the best way to react with plastic and cause significant damage to health, especially if the water stays there for a long time. If you do not have a glass bottle, then the best way out is to purchase a bowl for water right on the spot, in one of the many stalls. The design of the bowl at the same time will save your teeth from contact with water.

We would like to thank our dear coordinators, guides and all students for sharing this wonderful experience with us! We hope that students liked our trip and will certainly want to return to Karlovy Vary once more.

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