Business education in the Czech Republic

Every successful businessman will tell you that if he had a specialized education, he would avoid a huge number of mistakes, save a lot of money and achieve much more, or at least in a shorter time. Building a successful business in today’s realities without having a higher education diploma and not possessing the relevant knowledge is a risky and difficult path. Therefore, a reasonable question arises – why not make it easier for yourself and not enter a Czech university? Moreover, you can study at state universities here completely free of charge, and studying at private schools will cost much less than in other countries of the world.

An additional plus is that both in the process of studying and after graduation, you can get an internship not only in Prague, but also in other European capitals. Of course, it is much easier to create your own business if you know the whole structure of the enterprise from the inside in practice. In which universities is it worth getting a business education? We will tell in today’s text.

The most obvious answer is at the Higher School of Economics in Prague (HSE). The university has long established itself as the best economic school in the country and the best choice for future entrepreneurs. Studying here is not easy, but students receive unique knowledge, and the HSE diploma is highly valued, both in the Czech Republic and in other countries.

The most popular directions at HSE for future businessmen: international business (International Business, in English), international trade (in Czech), international and diplomatic relations (International and Diplomatic Studies, in English), management in trade (in Czech) ). At the Faculty of Management ( in Jindrichuv Hradec, you can get excellent knowledge in the field of management and management. The Faculty of National Economics ( has a profile program in English – Economics.

The second most popular choice is the Czech Agricultural University – CZU. Specialty – business and management at the Faculty of Economics (Business Administration, in English; you can study in Czech). The Faculty of Economics at the Technical University in Liberec, the Faculty of Entrepreneurship at the Brno University of Technology and the Faculty of Informatics and Management in Hradec Králové are also good alternatives. The choice is yours.

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