Introduction to the Czech Universities: CUNI

Charles University

Visitors all over the world are excited to visit the Czech Republic not just for the touristic reasons, but also for a long-term visit. This destination in the heart of Europe is highly popular among the young people. Chechia is offering the lowest unemployment rate in Europe, good working conditions and also free or inexpensive high-quality education. Biggest and most prestigious universities in Europe are located in the Czech Republic.  Charles University in Prague is the most prestigious higher education institution in the Czech Republic and the oldest university in Central Europe. Charles University was founded in 1348 by the Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV.

Charles University in Prague is a member of the Association of European Universities. Oxford, Leiden, Bonn, Sorbonne, Bologna and the University of Geneva are also participants of this community. Currently, Charles University is among the top 2% of educational institutions in the World.

At its faculties lectures are taught by teachers from the leading universities of the world.  This enables to have a unique experience and absorb teaching methods from the various universities around the globe.

Faculties offered by Charles University in Prague:

  • First, Second and Third medical faculties;
  • philosophical;
  • natural history;
  • physical and mathematical;
  • pedagogical;
  • Faculty of Social Sciences;
  • faculty of physical training and sports;
  • faculty of humanities;
  • three theological faculties;

Also, in medical and sports faculties, there is a possibility to study in the English language.

Education in the Czech language for foreign students is free of charge. If the student will prefer to study in English tuition fees will vary from $ 7,000 to $ 15,000 per year.

Charles University gives an ability to obtain Training bachelor, master or doctoral degrees.

Length of education: 3-7 years

The beginning of the semester: 1st September

Students from 48 different countries are studying at Charles University. Among international students are a lot of Americans, Englishmen, Germans, Austrians, and representatives of other countries, which have a high level of social and economic development.

Charles University is an attracting students all over the globe because of the high international prestige, international recognition of diplomas and the quality of education.

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