Berlin: 28.06.2019


A trip to one of the most densely populated cities in Europe – Berlin!

On the 28th of June, we could not take advantage of the opportunity to show students of summer programs neighboring European cities, especially if they are only a few hours away by bus – this time we have organized a trip to Berlin, a city of contrasts and different cultures. The five-hour road, during which students could do their useful things, have a rest or simply prepare for new impressions, went unnoticed thanks to the famous German roads and our comfortable buses with air-condition – students arrived in the city excited and in a good mood, just what you need for Berlin!

This city is the personification of the modern flow of life in Germany, a city of freedom and innovation, where you can meet people of the most creative professions – such as designers, artists, writers, and no wonder, because it is in Berlin that there is a chance to show yourself to everyone, regardless of gender, age or nationality. There are plenty of opportunities to open up and show yourself to the world. What was waiting for us in such a beautiful place?

First of all, the students went on a sightseeing tour accompanied by an experienced guide who showed them the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, the famous Alexanderplatz and Friedrichstraße, as well as the popular Berlinliner Dom.

The students visited the Berlin Wall and took some memorable photos on its background in order to take a piece of this historical place with them to the album forever.

Interesting fact: Berlin ranks second in the world in terms of population after London.

The guide started the tour even while the buses were just arriving at the destination – he told about the connection between Berlin and the Czech Republic and revealed several secrets where it is inexpensive to buy souvenirs or just have a snack while students have free time.

MSM had pleasure in introducing students of various study programs not only to Prague and its history, but also to a part of another Europe. We sincerely hope that the trip was useful for all of them and added new impressions about Europe. We believe that Berlin does not leave anyone indifferent!

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