Aristocratic Vienna: 13.08.2019

aristocratic Vienna

Enjoy a walk in Vienna with students

On August 13, students of the International Union of Youth summer educational programs had a trip “Aristocratic Vienna”, during which students could get acquainted with the history of the city and appreciate all the main attractions of the city, accompanied by a coordinator and an experienced guide who told a lot of interesting facts about Vienna during the walk.

Vienna is a favorite city for visiting tourists who come to the Czech Republic, because Austria is incredibly close, even if you go there not by car, but by bus. Students with their own eyes saw the State Opera, thanks to which Vienna was named “the musical capital”. It is known that the leading opera house in the world organizes concerts for different categories “A”, “B” and “C” – for true connoisseurs of the opera, for amateurs and for other visitors to performances.

Interesting fact: In the Vienna Opera, performances are not repeated more than once, and also performed only in the original language. It is curious that Vienna has cultural ties with Russia – in 1999, a monument of Alexander Pushkin presented by Moscow was placed here.

Students also learned that life in Vienna, as well as in Prague, is very comfortable – local residents can drink water directly from the tap, as it comes into the water supply directly from Alpine sources – such a system has been working in Vienna for more than a hundred years.

Of particular interest in Vienna is the Museum Quarter, one of the largest European museum complexes where the Museum of Modern Art, the Kunsthalle, and the Leopold Museum are located. Festivals, concerts and even exhibitions of fine art are often held on the territory of the complex – in the courtyard of the complex you can walk and enjoy a beautiful view of Vienna architecture.

Arriving in Vienna, you should definitely visit the Michaellerplatz and the Hofburg Palace, where Austrian monarchs lived for more than seven centuries. Now there are several museums, such as the “Sisi Museum”, the royal apartments and the Silver Museum, – you can buy a universal ticket to all museums and walk around the exhibition halls unlimitedly.

A must-see part of visiting Vienna is a walk along the Maria Theresien-Platz, where the Natural History Museum and the Museum of Art History are located.

Below you can find a detailed photo report “Aristocratic Vienna”. You can also find a part of the photo on the MSM Instagram.

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