Aquapark in Prague: 10.01.2018

Our students of English Holidays went for a whole day to the biggest aquapark in Prague on the 10th of January!

The size of the water park is so impressive that it was included in the list of the largest water parks in the Central Europe! The complex of the water park includes 3 palaces: the palace of relaxation, the palace of adventure and the palace of treasures.

  • Relaxation Palace – it is all you need for complete relaxation! All the saunas, SPA, and massage rooms are located here.
  • Adventure Palace – it is a paradise for fans of adrenaline. Here the biggest  and fastest water attractions are located!
  • The palace of treasures is an ideal resting place for the whole family. Large and small pools, water slides and recreation areas – all of this you will find here!

The palaces are absolutely different from each other, and one can visit each of them!

After a busy week of English lessons, excursions and trips, rest in the aquapark in Prague is one of the most suitable pastimes. Our students had a lot of fun and fully enjoyed their time here!