Academic Year Opening at CULS

On September 18, 2017, the grand opening of a new academic year was held at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (CULS). The students of one-year language courses were presented.

The opening speech was delivered by Vlastimil Černý, Director of the Department of International Relations of the CULS. Also, in the meeting took part Tetiana Horupovych, the press secretary of the Ukrainian Embassy Tetiana Horupovych. And, of course, Yevgen Kolesnik, the Director of the International Union of Youth, delivered a keynote speech.

Also, Daniel Dědina,  the doctoral student of the Faculty of Economics and Management held a presentation for students, in which he told everything about the educational process at the CULS, about the language courses and about the study of profile subjects.

And  Andrei Panomarenko, the graduate of the annual English language program 2014/2015 and Oleg Popov, the graduate of the annual program of the Czech language 2014/2015 shared all the secrets of successful learning, gained by their own experience. The guys have successfully completed the language courses, have entered the university pf their choice, and now work as curators in the International Union of Youth, transferring their knowledge and assistance to new students.

We sincerely congratulate all who came in the new academic year 2017/2018! We wish the students a lot of luck in new beginnings and positive and successful exams!