In my opinion the International Union of Youth is very friendly and helpful company. Coordinator Maxim is also very friendly man and help me a lot when I arrived. In Prague I like many places lie historical places, old places. And you can travel to a lot of country in Europe easily.

Asem Mohammed Ali Khalil

 / English Language / 16 August, 2018

What I really like about the language exchange program is that I can practise with not only one but also several different teachers and they all have different way of teaching, which is really helpful if you think about it. You get to learn a proper grammar and you get to test your speaking skills and improve them. They have native speakers as teahcers and they absolute forbid you to speak any other language but that’s actually a great technique of teaching.  So I definiitely recommend MSM to anyone!

Beyza Seher Türlü

 / Czech Language / 11 May, 2018

Training sessions are fantastic. I love them like you do a lot of exercise. English classes are reproductive and you do a lot of activities. I think that everyone should leave this experience. Thank you MSM!

Gomez Jimenez Alexa Geneselli

 / Summer Football Academy / 15 July, 2017

The lessons are very good and I like all kurators here.

Lile Chichua

 / Summer Czech Academy / 25 June, 2017

The experience was amazing! I got to see many new places, learn a lot about different cultures, made new friends and had a lot of fun.

Renars Belruss

 / Summer Language School / 05 June, 2017

It was really good experience! Thank you MSM for everything.

Sara Cuhalvanda

 / Summer Language School / 04 June, 2017

This is my first time in summer school and I was really so excited to travel here by my own. When I first came to Masaryk compos everyone was nerves, but then came Stefan (my curator) and he was the first who was talking in English. He seemed nice to everyone and after a long trip he was making jokes. That was relaxing for everyone.
Lessons in empire is really tiring, because we have 4 hour studying, but we have a great teacher with a good humour and it’s making lessons more easy.
In my opinion, MSM is giving good opportunity to everyone who wants to study or who wants to know more about Prague. MSM summer school will be my good memory and whenever I’ll go somewhere I’ll never forget about this trip and people who works here.

Ketuta Khalvashi

 / Summer Language School / 03 July, 2017

I want to talk about MSM academy where ı go to with my friends. İt is a lovely place. They are very interested with us. They help immediately when there is a problem. I sincerely recommend MSM for all students. Thanks for everything.

Emre Keskinci

 / Foundation Medicine Course / 25 May, 2017

It was a good experience to study English at MSM Academy. Here are a lot of Russians, Kazakhs and even Turkish friends by MSM Academy. Employers are awesome, especially Sergey.

M. Fatih Meytanci

 / Summer Language School / 20 July, 2016

Thanks to MSM for allowing us to coexist with young people from other countries, with whom we became friends. We learned new words in other languages. Thanks to the company as a whole and the hospitality of the staff for all activities, trips and other moments, which made our stay in Prague a true pleasure.

Juan Carlos Cumes

 / Study Program: English / Czech / 10 May. 2016

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