A trip to Vienna: 13.10.2018

msm students on their trip to Vienna msmstudy.eu

In the Capital of Austria

On October 13, 2018 students of one-year foundation programs of the International Union of Youth went on another exciting trip to Vienna. The wonderful location of Prague in the center of Europe makes it easy to travel around the most famous capitals, and this time the choice fell on Austria.

Vienna is only three and a half hours away from Prague, located in the eastern part of Austria. This is the seventh largest city of the European Union, the most populous city of Austria and one of the most colorful cities in Europe. Only the central square of the city – Stefanplatz (“Stephen’s Square”) with the main symbol of the Austrian capital, the Gothic cathedral of St. Stephen takes the breath away. The square itself was built around the cathedral in the 12th century and it is still one of the main tourist attractions in the world. The famous Austrian television series “Inspector Rex” has repeatedly shot their series on this beautiful square.  Massive catacombs are also located on the square under the building of the cathedral itself and under the nearest houses. Vienna is also known as the capital of classical music, where the world famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna Concerthouse and Vienna State Opera are located.

The trip to Vienna, of course, was a success: the students walked plenty on the beautiful streets of the city, tried the famous Viennese cake Sacher and admired the masterpieces of architecture. Throughout the whole excursion, the children were accompanied by the warm Viennese sun, interesting stories of the guide and the photography of our staff photographer.