Podoli: 06.08.2019

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Where to go in Prague to get the most fun?

On August 6, students of MSM summer programs went to a place where the summer time is felt the most, even though you live in the city. Podoli Pools is one of the best sports complexes in Prague where to spend time and improve health both in summer and winter, because there are several pools available: one indoor and two outdoor swimming pools, 33 and 50 m long, for swimming and enjoying the warm sunshine!

Students spent time in the pools with pleasure: swimming, diving, playing team games. Not only the curators of summer programs, but also Czech professional rescuers took care about safety of students. In addition to the entertainment area in “Podoli” there is a recreation area with a well-kept lawn where you can walk barefoot and also sunbathe on a sunbed or towel. The sports complex “Podoli” also offers the opportunity to play ping pong, because right next to the slide there are special tables for playing, as well as a local buffet and a cafe situated on the second floor.

We are pleased to organize such events for students, because this season is the most suitable time to conduct outdoor activities! In addition to the opportunity to swim here you can find a sauna, as well as a large jacuzzi, which is located outside. A jacuzzi is available to all visitors of the Podoli – and our students could enjoy it also. There was enough space for everyone, because the jacuzzi in Podoli seats more than ten people!

For those who like to combine time in the pool with other activities, there is a safe water slide with a separate pool in the sports complex, which students especially liked, having gone there there many times! Fun, laughter and friendly communication – all this was captured by the camera of our professional photographer.

Below we offer you to take loot at photo report “Fun in Podoli” and see how MSM students visited the swimming pools and spent a lot of unforgettable minutes there! Remember also that we regularly publish part of the photo report on Instagram along with the latest news about events during the entertainment and educational programs of the International Union of Youth.

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