5 non-obvious tips for applicants to medicine in the Czech Republic

Besides the obvious requirements, such as a high level of knowledge in biology and chemistry, there are several non-obvious aspects that can significantly help you in this process.

  1. Start learning Czech early
    In this case, university education will be free. But even if you study in English, Czech will help when interacting with patients during practice. Start learning the language a year or two before admission so that you have basic knowledge when you start studying.
  2. Participate in summer medical camps and volunteer programs
    Many universities and medical institutions in the Czech Republic organize summer schools and volunteer programs. Participation in such events will help you immerse yourself in the medical environment and meet teachers and students. This will show your motivation and determination when applying.
  3. Explore the Czech healthcare system
    Knowledge of the Czech healthcare system can be useful both in entrance exams and in further studies. Familiarize yourself with the basic operating principles of hospitals, insurance companies, and specialized medical institutions in the country. This will also help you adapt to the educational process and professional environment faster.
  4. Find an undergraduate mentor
    Finding a mentor among undergrads or medical graduates can make your path much easier. They can share useful information about preparing for entrance exams, study materials, and also give tips on surviving the intense learning process. Mentors often help overcome difficulties and provide moral support.
  5. Prepare for cross-cultural adaptation
    Czech culture and the education system can be very different from what you are used to. Prepare for possible cultural and social differences. Studying Czech traditions, customs, and social norms will help you adapt faster and avoid possible misunderstandings. Accepting cultural differences and actively participating in the student community will make your stay in the Czech Republic more comfortable and productive.

By following these non-obvious tips, you will increase your chances of successful admission and comfortable studying. Good luck!

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