15 reasons why you should choose Czech Republic

Surely you know that entering a Czech university is the most accessible and affordable way to become a happy owner of the coveted European degree! Furthermore, thousands of students admit that moving to Czech Republic was the best decision in their life, but in case you are still doubting – here are 15 reasons why the Czech Republic is a land of dreams!

  • Opportunity to get a high-quality European education for FREE with a sufficient level of Czech language;
  • A vast number of head offices of large companies takes place in the Czech Republic, which means a large number of workplaces;
  • Stable economy and high living standards;
  • Decent salaries at relatively low prices;
  • High level of security;
  • Pleasant mild climate;
  • Magnificent nature: parks, forests, lakes, incredible Vltava River and excellent ski resorts;
  • Low prices for travelling between countries all around Europe with student discount cards and a long-term Schengen visa;
  • Beautiful architecture and fascinating Czech culture;
  • Absence of corruption and bureaucracy;
  • Friendly attitude towards foreigners;
  • Well-developed transport system – metro, trams and buses, going off right on schedule;
  • High level of technical equipment in educational institutions;
  • Free provision of medical services with insurance;
  • Multicultural environment that will make you fell comfortable even when you are far from your hometown.

And that’s a tiny part of the advantages of living in the Czech Republic!

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