10 reasons why Czech republic is still the best country to live in

  1. The Czech Republic has been spared by the crisis.

Czech Republic is a stable country with a well-developed macroeconomic policy, minimal retail debt, a stable labor market situation and a solid banking sector. During any crisis, the country maintains a stable outlook.

Czech Republic is not a wealthy country, but it has a fairly stable economy.

The average wage in the country is about 1870 euros per month. Graduates of Czech universities, young professionals have a good chance of employment with decent pay.

  1. It is a safe country.

The crime rate in the country is very low. Czech Republic is in the list of 15 most peaceful countries in the world.

In terms of ecology and cleanliness, the country ranks 6th in the world. It has excellent water and food quality and a healthy environment, so its health indicators are always good.

  1. It is a hospitable country.

According to statistics every 25th inhabitant of the country is a foreigner. The number of people coming to Czech Republic is growing every year. This is an indication that foreigners feel quite comfortable in the country, have the opportunity to find employment and self-fulfillment.

  1. Excellent medicine and health care system.

All medicines, equipment and medical services in Czech Republic meet the highest quality standards. Medicine in this small country can be compared with that in Germany or France.

All residents, including foreigners, are insured and receive free, high-quality medical care.

  1. Free education.

Education at state universities is highly regarded not only in Europe but also in the world. Graduates from public universities receive a first-class education and employment opportunities at the world’s major companies.

Education at Czech public universities is free of charge, even for foreigners.

  1. Lowest prices in Europe.

Czech Republic differs from other European countries in low prices for food, travel, rent, and even mortgage interest rates.

  1. It is a comfortable country.

Well-organized public transport system, afforable travel across Europe, delicious national cuisine, low prices and reasonable lifestyle – all of this creates a fairly comfortable way of life in the country.

  1. Rich cultural life.

Czech Republic supports art of young and modern talents. Many galleries and art spaces are open in the capital; exhibitions are constantly held. There are also big film and music festivals and a large number of jazz cafés.

Cultural life of Czech Republic will satisfy everyone’s needs.

  1. Amazing traditions.

Every holiday in Czech Republic is colorfully and beautifully celebrated with bazaars on the squares. Performances, parades and processions create an amazing festive atmosphere. The highlights of the year are the annual ball at the Prague State Opera and the Vienna Masquerade. Students, of course, don’t miss their university balls.

  1. One of the most beautiful European countries.

Czech Republic is full of architectural and cultural heritage. The country has a huge number of beautiful parks, cozy embankments and countless walking trails.

Czech Republic is a small country, but you can travel through it endlessly.

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