Best Places to Study in Prague

Our Programs

International Union of Youth, based in Prague, provides you educational programs. We offer the best languages courses in cooperative with the top European Universities. We organize Summer Camps, Sport Events and variable entertainment programs. Build your successful future with us!

Double Degree

A unique program combining 2 years of studying Business Administration in Prague and 1 year of studying the Hospitality Management in Switzerland. More

Foundation Programs

A preparatory course for university-level education, during which you will learn language and specific subjects, recognize your previous education and will be introduced to Czech education system. More

Language Holidays

Seasonal programs offer young students a unique, short-term experience in Prague, while on break from their regular academic studies. More

Summer Language Camps

The all-inclusive Language Camp allows young people to learn English/German with native speakers while enjoying Prague as well as traveling to other European countries. More

Sport Programs

Professional camps for several sports, such as football, tennis or fitness, combined with language program. Enjoy one of the most beautiful city in Europe and have a chance to train among professionals. More

MBA & Internships

Gain knowledge and skills that will help you acquire a deeper understanding of your profession. It will open a wide range of career opportunities for you, which you haven’t even considered before. More

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